At the County Medical Services Program Governing Board (Board) meeting of May 31, 2018, the Board approved development of the Path2Health Pilot Project to expand access to primary care for up to 25,000 undocumented adults ages 21 – 64 that are enrolled in an emergency services only (restricted scope) Medi-Cal program aid code and reside in one of the thirty-five CMSP counties. The Pilot Project will begin in early 2019.

The goal of the Pilot Project is to promote timely delivery of necessary primary and preventive medical services to the population in order to improve their health outcomes, reduce their utilization of emergency services and inpatient hospitalization, and enable contracting Community Health Centers to redirect resources otherwise dedicated to serving the population to other needs of high priority in the Community Health Center’s service area, including assuring delivery of medically necessary services to CMSP enrollees and remaining uninsured county residents.

Path2Health covered benefits will include:

  • Office visit with primary care provider or specialist
  • In-office minor medical procedures
  • Preventive screenings, routine lab tests, and adult immunizations
  • Screening for depression, alcohol misuse, obesity counseling
  • Screening for HIV, HPV, Hepatitis B/C, and STI screening
  • Tobacco use counseling and intervention (performed by a physician)
  • Prescription medications (specialty medications excluded) with $5 copay and $1,500 limit

CMSP will release a formal All County Letter (ACL) to inform social services departments about the upcoming Path2Health Pilot Project later this year.

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